Thursday, 5 July 2012

NOTD – Emerald Tips

Today I went shopping in Bishops Stortford with my beautiful mother. Initially she was just meant to be getting her hair cut but I tagged along. I started the day super happy as I pulled on a summer dress that I'd worn very briefly last weekend and realised whilst a few days ago I'd struggled to do up the zip, I'd lost enough weight to do it up effortlessly. A bit of a surprise!

I spent the couple of hours that my mum was being pampered to browse the selection of shops, trying not to walk in time with the Korean music that had been stuck in my head since waking up in the morning. It would have looked particularly awkward in my summery wedge sandals!
Here it is just in case anyone's curious:

Of course I had to pop into superdrug and pick up another couple of L'Oreal's Color Riche nail varnishes. In Macaron Noisette (a beautiful pale nude colour with shimmer) and Blue Reef (a dark teal crème).
I also found a collection of nail glitters by Gosh and bought one in turquoise that was almost a perfect match for Blue Reef, already deciding how I would paint my nails when I got home- exciting!
I also picked up a pretty coral lipstick before heading back to my mum, but was stopped by a lovely older woman and her husband on the way back who made me blush by telling me that I looked pretty. Not the sort of thing that happens to me, haha!
Feeling a lot more confident and happy I eventually found my mother who looked even more beautiful with her newly coloured and cut hair, and we went to find somewhere to have lunch- where I chose a baked potato as the “healthy option” only to end up with a potato almost the size of my head that I couldn't even eat half of... slightly too generous portions perhaps!
Anyway; this long winded explanation leads to my first attempt at using glitter dust on my nails- which happens to be ridiculously awkward and ends up with a lot of glitter all over your desk.
But it looks pretty.
I could have redone this and made it neater... but I'm lazy!
L'Oreal Color Riche in Macaron Noisette and Blue Reef,
Gosh Nail glitter in Turquoise
I used L'Oreal Color Riche in Macaron Noisette and Blue Reef and Gosh Nail glitter in Turquoise for this design.
I'm also wondering about buying some stamping plates to create more interesting nail art... maybe in a few weeks!


  1. This is a really lovely summery look!

    1. These glitters are so pretty! Very summery, but not all that practical if you want to wear it for more than a day.
      Realise that I forgot to embed the video for the music that was in my head too- only for it to ruin my formatting when I did so!
      Guess I need to learn HTML and not rely on the Blogger editor!

      -Olivia xx

    2. I wouldn't even know where to begin with embedding so you're a lot better than I am at this stuff hun! Xx