Friday, 6 July 2012

July Must Haves

There are so many things this month that I'm dying to purchase but currently don't have the money for. I thought I'd make a quick post about a few products that I'm super excited about.

Maybelline eye studio gel liner in black


My current gel eyeliner is getting old and I've heard really good things about this one! I don't have money for Bobbi Brown or MAC so this will have to do! I've heard that the brush that comes with it is pretty good too.

Jane Iredale Just Kissed Lip and Cheek Stain

Copyright Jane Iredale

Another product that I've read good reviews on. It was a sample in a previous Jolie Box that I missed (and later kicked myself for doing so!). It's meant to make your lips look like a better, pinker version of your own. With With Olive butter, avocado butter, wild rose wax and beeswax it should also nourish and moisturize your lips.
Due to it being like a balm, the wear time isn't impressive, but it sounds really easy to wear on the lips and just a fun and pretty product that looks nice and natural without drying out your lips.

Lily Lolo Mineral Blush in Clementine or Cherry Blossom

Lily Lolo Mineral Blush in Clementine
Copyright Lily Lolo

Lily Lolo Mineral Blush in Cherry Blossom
Copyright Lily Lolo

Since being wooed by my Lily Lolo mineral foundation I have been dying to buy some more of their products. These mineral blushes in peachy pink tones look great on my pale skin and are supposedly incredibly pigmented and long lasting.
I'm only a little bit put off because I have to purchase brushes at the same time. I would have to do this anyway because I'm severely lacking in brushes, but it makes what are actually quite reasonably priced blushes into quite a big purchase.

Lily Lolo Mineral Eyeshadow in Green Opal and Pink Champagne

Lily Lolo Mineral Eyeshadow in Green Opal
Copyright Lily Lolo

Lily Lolo Mineral Eyeshadow in Pink Champagne
Copyright Lily Lolo

As above, I LOVE Lily Lolo and these two shades are so pretty and shimmery that I must have them. Green Opal in particular is probably one of the most delicate shades of green eyeshadow that I have ever seen. When I first saw it I knew that I would be buying it in the future, so now it's officially on my list of future purchases.
Pink Champagne is just as shimmery but a perfectly pretty pink. I'm not as fond of pinks on my eyes, but I think I could possibly get away with it. It's a very pale shade of pink that is girly but sophisticated.  

Smashbox Try It Kit

Copyright Smashbox

I've been fascinated with Smashbox for a while now. I don't hear that much about it compared to brands such as MAC but its products always seem to be rated very highly by those that buy them.

When the UK site first opened I was so excited! I have yet to buy anything from them due to low funds, but I'm sure this kit will be the first thing I purchase! For £19 you get 5 decent sized samples.
These include their famous Photo Finish Foundation Primer, their Photo Finish Lid Primer, Hyperlash Mascara in Blackout, Lip Enhancing Gloss in illume and Limitless Eye Liner in Onyx.
All of these products interest me and I think it's a really great set to introduce new customers to the brand. I can't wait to try it! Smashbox also give free standard delivery and a sample with every order.

What are you dying to buy this month?


  1. I love reading wishlists! Trust me when I say I know how you feel..I've got no money either haha:P I'll just keep dreaming for now. Have a great weekend

    1. I just saw that you put up a wishlist a while ago too! I hope that we'll soon be able to afford the things that we're pining after, haha!
      You have a great weekend too!

      -Olivia xx

  2. I've never heard of Jane Iredale before... Oooh must Google!! Yay for Lily Lolo! Love that line so much! I did a wish list too but mine were pretty boring compared to these! I've heard good things about Smashbox too but I've never plucked up the courage to buy from them yet (I'm too in love with Estée Lauder to try other base products - it would feel like I'm cheating on her!)

    Another great post Olivia!

    Helen xxx

    1. I have to admit that I don't know too much about Jane Iredale... but I read about this product, saw that I missed it because I'd decided not to sign up for Jolie box that month and felt like kicking myself!

      I'm thinking that I may order a couple of things from Lily Lolo soon... their products are just too beautiful!

      I have actually never owned a foundation primer... how bad is that? and don't think I've ever tried anything by Estée Lauder. Think it's time to do some googling of my own!

      -Olivia xx

  3. That maybelinne eyeliner is a godsend! Lasts soo long and is super black, my go to liner definately..
    Lovely page btw defo got yourself a new follower:))

    Would love if you could check my blog out and maybe follow if you like what you see:)


    1. This comment has persuaded me to bite the bullet and actually order it! I've been wondering whether I really need to replace my old one yet... but it getting really cakey. So I'm just about to order this as a replacement!

      Thank you so much for following! I'm so glad that you like it ^^ Just about to nip over to your blog and take a look

      -Olivia xx