Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Jolie Box Review - June 2012

Like most people, my box took a while to get to me. I wasn't that impressed seeing as it was my first box that I'd signed up for; but I'd decided to try it looking for something to replace Glossybox.

Here's an overview of the items that I got. I was very impressed with the size of these samples. There is definitely enough to find out whether you'd be interested in buying the full size product. I know some people were disappointed that there were two moisturisers in the box, but I actually loved both of them.

Yon-Ka Pamplemousse Protective and Vitalizing Cream

The first of these is Yon-Ka Pamplemousse Protective and Vitalizing Cream. This was the customised item; and although I didn't receive the correct box (new subscribers were meant to receive a volumising shampoo also) this was for normal to dry skin which fits me.

As the name suggests, it smells like grapefruit but isn't as overpowering as I thought it would be. A little goes a long way and a pea sized amount gives a light layer all over my face which means that this generous 50ml tube will last a long time!

They say that it should protect skin from external factors and make your complexion look hydrated and bright. For the few days I've used it I can say that it makes me skin very soft and I think it definitely gives my skin a dewy look.

This is actually a full size product and the cheapest price that I could find for it for £25. This means that I'm not sure that I'll buy it after I've finished it as my usual bodyshop moisturiser is £11 and I'm not sure it's worth double the price.

L'Occitane Angelica Hydration Cream

The second of these is L'Occitane Angelica Hydration Cream that they say reinforces natural skin hydration and leaves skin looking radiant and fresh.
I haven't used this one too much as I have been using the Yon-Ka moisturiser; but it feels nice on the skin. I don't actually like the scent of most L'Occitane products because I prefer fruity to floral scents so this doesn't appeal to me immediately.
But the little pot is so pretty and ideal for travelling, so I'll definitely use it for a weekend away some time.

Elysambre Lipstick

Next is a product that I really rather like, but I'm not sure I could pull it off!
I received a lipstick by Elysambre that I thought looked a little brown and would be terrible on my lips, but it's actually a beautiful deep red. It looks rather striking against my skin, but would definitely be too much for a day look- and I'm not sure I'm brave enough to wear it at night!

Here you can see it on my morning face. I'd just taken photos of my eyes for a post on Shu Uemura eyelash curlers and for some reason decided that a sleepy full face picture would be a good idea.
I think it's actually a little darker in person than it is in this photo, but it's a beautiful colour. The coverage is amazing, it's surprisingly easy to apply and Elysambre's products are supposed to be all natural which is always a plus.

Institut Esthederm Bronz Repair Body Lotion

The last sample is Institut Esthederm Bronz Repair Body Lotion. It is supposed to fight signs of aging caused by the sun whilst helping the skin to tan. I won't be using this because I don't tan very easily at all and generally stay out of the sun or pile on my SPF 30.
I've given it to my mother because I think she'll use it. I like the idea behind the product even if I wouldn't actually find much use for it.

Joliebox nail file

And lastly a free Jolie Box nail file that is quite cute but I have other files that I'll probably use instead. It's nice as an added extra though.

Overall I loved this box. I much prefer it to Glossybox and so think that I will be cancelling my sub to that and sticking with Joliebox. I adore French beauty products and can't wait for my next box at the end of this month!

If you got the box this month, what did you think of it?  


  1. I love that colour on your lips! You look like a porcelain doll! It's beautiful! You should add winged eyeliner, lashings of mascara and go for the 50s look! Amazing! I wish I was with Joliebox now! Jealous!!

    Helen xxx

    1. Thank you, Helen! I've been wearing winged eyeliner a LOT recently but wussed out of going the whole way with red lipstick. Definitely think that I've been going for the wrong shades of red though, I love this colour!
      I should do a FOTD with your suggestions! Going away for just under a week to see my boyfriend and friends from uni, but after that I'll do one.

      And Joliebox seems great so far! I wanted to get it because everyone is given the same products. No favouritism towards popular bloggers so it's pretty fair.
      I get so excited by beauty boxes, wish I could afford them all!

      -Olivia xxx

    2. I was thinking exactly the same thing tonight! I want all of the samples and beauty boxes available in the world heehee!

      Have you signed up to the website 'Whats in my Handbag' yet? Its a sample thing too but it's free and it's like a lucky draw I guess - sometimes you get a sample, sometimes you don't. Its all higher end stuff though so when it does get sent it's worth the wait from what I've heard!

      I hope you have a really good time away!

      Helen xxx

  2. I have never heard of this box before! That lipstick looks amazing on you!

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    Andrea @ Andrea and the Beauty Blog