Sunday, 29 July 2012

More July Must Haves!

At the moment I am just in love with deep jewel colours and rose gold.

I recently started working and of course, the thing that I was most excited about was buy clothes for the office! After splashing out of a few things to wear, I now seem to be attracted to all clothes that would be suitable for working... probably not very suitable for when I start back at uni in September!

Other years I have bought clothes from places such as TopShop and Miss Selfridge but I don't really find any of their current stock appealing. There seem to be a lot of denim shorts, and huge baggy vest tops which look just terrible on me. If I wear loose clothes, I just look fat, so I've started to drift towards Oasis which can be a little more expensive but their clothes look so effotlessly chic.. I love them.

Here are a couple of thing that I have my eye on (out of many) First is their Cowl Lace dress which is currently on sale for £60. It's a beautiful deep ruby red with a flattering cowl neck and a lace panel for modesty (that apparently you can barely see, but I love it anyway!). Their Cowl Belted Coat for £98 is also beautiful. I love the wide waist belt and the neckline – yes I have a thing for cowl necks at the moment!

As for rose gold... FolliFollie are a brand that I adore but have yet to buy anything from. I find rose gold so delightfully feminine and most of their jewellery comes in it! Their pieces come in quite a range of prices but this Dice Bracelet is quite affordable at £55. The watch is £127 and more than I've ever spent on a watch because I'm not very good at wearing them.. but this is so simple and classic looking that I'm sure if would go with nearly anything I wore- and isn't that the most important thing?

Lastly is a Rose Gold plated script font name necklace from Barbabelle88 on etsy (image belongs to her). These necklaces come in either pink gold, gold, white gold or brass and are obviously made with your own name. They cost just under £20 which is a bargain... but shipping to the UK is the same as the price of the item! There are other Etsy shops that sell similar items though so I may buy from a different shop. They are incredibly pretty though and I've wanted a name necklace for quite a while now.

I'm looking forward to payday next month as I seem to be amassing quite a list of things that I'd love to buy.

Are there any clothes or accessories that you're longing for at the moment? 


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  3. Great list hun - think the Oasis dress is really beautiful and will bring out the green in your eyes so much! You definitely need it in your wardrobe! Gorgeous!

    Helen xxx

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