Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Shopping Trip!

Yesterday was my boyfriend, Raj's last day staying with me. It was hard to see him go. We've been together pretty much constantly since Valentine's day whether it was in my student house, at his family's home or at mine but now we're actually separated with no plans yet as to when we'll be seeing each other again.

So our last day together we took the bus to the nearest big town and spent the day shopping.
I couldn't stop myself from going into Superdrug. Initially I was only going to look for a cheap eyelash curler to tide me over until Shu Uemuras came up on Buyapowa... but I ended up filling both hands with bargain products that I just couldn't leave without! 
Also the Shu Uemura eyelash curlers ended up on sale the same day! What a waste of £4. If you want to get one whilst the sale's still up. Get them for cheap here: 

 In the end I bought all of these products (minus the Essie nail varnishes which I had ordered online and arrived that morning). I was so excited to try a couple of the new L'Oreal Color Riche nail varnishes from the Candy Girl collection. All of the colours look beautiful and I managed to pick up French Riviera (a very pale, baby blue with some iridescent shimmer) and Marie Antoinette (a light peachy pink).

French Riviera, Marie Antoinette

The nail varnishes need 3 coats to become opaque but they look very pretty on. Perfect pastel colours. They're £4.99 each which isn't that cheap for 5ml bottles but Superdrug currently have a 3 for 2 offer on L'Oreal Paris products so I also bought a grey colour (which I forgot to photograph!) and £10 for 3 probably isn't too bad.

I also managed to pick up a couple of MUA shadow singles. For some reason I hadn't bought some when I previously ordered some products from them. They're very pigmented and beautifully shimmery. I chose the blue/green (shade 8) and Raj persuaded me to also buy Shade 9; a pretty deep purple. Purple isn't really my colour but I think he wants me to wear it for him, haha! They're also only £1. Ridiculously cheap!

I also found the Look Beauty brand which I hadn't seen before. I picked up a matte orange eyeshadow single from them for £2 which I thought was amazing. I think they are currently reduced in price, so I may try and pick a few more up whilst they're this cheap. The colour that I bought is called Sorbet.

MUA Shade 8, MUA Shade 9, LOOK Beauty Sorbet

Here is a swatch of all three eyeshadows. I've only been using my Naked 2 palette recently for barely-there eyeshadow with bold liner and bright lips. I guess I'll have to change my look now and then to fit these pretty shades in.

Here's a very basic look that I created with MUA's shade 8 and Look Beauty's Sorbet. I also used the orange colour “Carrot” from my Front Cover Rainbow Eyes palette and BootyCall from my Naked 2 palette.

Not something I'd wear during the day but I love the colour of Sorbet! It makes me want to pair orange/peach eyes with similar coloured lips. But maybe that's a little much, haha!

Look Beauty also have some very pretty lip glosses called Lip Slick. I bought their orange-coral shade named Fruit Punch. It's a warm coral with the tiniest little gold flecks throughout. Wearing it is incredibly comfortable. It isn't at all sticky and I barely realise that I have it on. It is very pigmented but still lets the pink of your lips through.

LOOK Beauty Lip Slick in Fruit Punch

Here's a lip swatch. I love this colour! I'll definitely buy this again. For £3 it's an absolute bargain.

Spent a long time looking for shoes after this as Raj decided that he wanted to buy me some shoes that wouldn't rub my feet. Even my flats do! I don't understand it!
But after an unsuccessful attempt at finding anything suitable, we ended the day having lunch in Chiquito (which was incredibly tasty!)

I had bbq pulled pork quesadillas which were pretty good, and Raj had the hottest Chiq chiq chicken that they sell- which was tasty but not something that I could really eat!

So now he's gone and I'm all alone. Such a weird feeling to not have him to talk to constantly when I've really taken that for granted recently... but I guess there's more space in my single bed!


  1. Wow I never expected those Look Beauty products to be so gorgeous, I love that lip gloss, I'll be getting my paws on it next time I see it! Shade 9 in MUA looks so much more gorgeous in a swatch, thank you so much for this post, consider me a new follower :D x

  2. They're both really pretty, I was so impressed!
    I'm definitely going to be buying some more products by Look Beauty.

    The lipgloss is just amazing for the price. So easy to wear. Glossy and sheer like a lipgloss but completely unfussy- I had no problems with my hair getting stuck to my mouth at all!
    I wish all lipglosses felt like this, haha!

    Thanks so much for following! ^^
    I'm going to go check our your blog, too!

    -Olivia xx