Monday, 18 June 2012

Chanel Lèvres Scintillantes Glossimer Review – Calypso

A couple of weeks ago, whilst I was staying with my boyfriend, I managed to persuade him to go shopping with me in the Bull Ring in Birmingham (after bribing him with the promise of Yo!Sushi!)

I have to say... I failed phenomenally at shopping. I'd meant to be buying summer clothes, but instead ended up only buying beauty products for my face! I think that the boyfriend was secretly happy that he didn't have to sit around whilst I tried on clothes, but I almost felt like it was a wasted trip until I went further into the beauty department of Selfridges and met my new beautiful Glossimer!

I've heard mixed things about Chanel Glossimers. Mostly I hadn't been too tempted because most of the colours are incredibly sheer; and for over £20 a pop I really couldn't justify spending the money on them.
But this summer they've brought out Calypso; a beautiful warm orange shade with tiny specks of gold shimmer running all the way through. And I've fallen head over heels with it!

The packaging is of course incredibly simple and classy. A transparent tube which holds the beautiful gloss within topped with a band of gold and a plain black lid with, of course, the Chanel Cs. It feels really nice in my hand... but I think that's just me being weird.

This image shows a little better the beautiful warm gold shimmer in the gloss. I'm a sucker for orange and coral shades at the moment so this Glossimer just called out to me. Although the colour looks almost scarily bright in the tube, as a gloss it has just the right amount of pigment in my opinion. It lets the colour of your lips come through so it looks very warm and beautiful on.

Here's a swatch on my arm. You can really see the gold in this. It also looks a little more pink here than it does in the bottle which makes it a little more wearable.

Here it is on the lips. It's doesn't seem to want to apply evenly always and It does leave gold flecks on your lips once it has faded away which is a little annoying, but it looks really pretty on. A perfect summer shade.

I wore it the other day for an afternoon out in town with my boyfriend (Excuse the terrible roots! I hadn't managed to re-dye my hair yet).

I very nearly bought the Rouge Coco Shine lipstick that Chanel bought out in a similar colour “En Vogue” but the glitter in the gloss won me out. Perhaps I should buy it before the summer's up.

What do you think about Chanel's summer range of pretty nudes and cute corals?

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