Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Dainty Doll Review – In His Kiss, Baby Love and It's A Kind Of Magic

I was never a fan of Girls Aloud and so never really knew much about Nicola Roberts. But I heard about her range of make up aimed at pale skin tones around a year ago and it sounded perfect for me!
With incredibly pale, almost translucent skin I figure that I must be one of the girls that her range is aimed at.

If you're pale too you'll know just how hard it is to find foundation and cover-up that doesn't look glaringly orange on our porcelain complexions.
So I was browsing the Boots website recently and I came across Nicola Robert's concealer pen and ordered it in the colour “very light”. I'm used to ordering the palest shade there is so even though this was supposedly aimed at fair skin, I wasn't taking any chances.

Seeing as Boots had a 3 for 2 offer on and I'm a sucker for new lip products I also ordered two of her lipsticks in In His Kiss (a pale pink) and Baby Love (A very warm nude colour).

The boxes that the products came in are pretty cute. Plain black boxes with an image of a skinny woman with orange hair (who I presume is supposed to be Nicola).

The lipstick tubes are metal and feel cold in the hand whereas the concealer tube is plastic and rather cheap looking. For £12.50 I expected it to be metal also. It looks a little like it's going to open up and be a cheap felt tip pen!

I tried the concealer first because that was what I was most interested in. At £12.50 I was hoping for a cheaper version of my Touche Éclat that would be more suited for my skin colour (hey, a girl can dream!).
The design is similar to the Touche Eclat. It has a button on the bottom that you have to pump about 40 times on your first use to push the product up to the brush end.

It's A Kind Of Magic in Very Light

I swiped some of the excess on my arm and was a little disappointed by how it looked. It was very much as pale as promised but looked almost like it had the texture of cottage cheese..
A bit of a turn off.

Determined that I should give it a try anyway I added some to my hand and tried to blend it into my skin to see what the coverage was like.. and there really wasn't any!

I've tried to take photos to explain but my camera just won't pick it up. I tried to use my fingertips to gently blend the product into the skin on the back of my hand but this just made it look incredibly splotchy. In trying to get rid of this the product almost completely disappeared from the surface of my skin and forced itself into the tiny lines on my hands.
Not impressed.

I've tried it on my face after this but the uneven coverage just makes me look like I have some sort of weird skin disease. I don't think that this concealer could conceal anything.
I also tried mixing it with my Touche Éclat for a better colour but it doesn't take on its lovely consistency.

I honestly don't know who tested this and thought that it worked as a concealer..
They also sell a cream concealer in a compact; perhaps that's a little better.

Anyway onto the lipsticks.

In His Kiss, Baby Love

In His Kiss, Baby Love

In His Kiss is a very pretty pink with gold shimmer that I wasn't expecting. Baby Love is the warm nude that was promised but after swatching I was fairly certain that it wouldn't suit my skin colour.
In this swatch you can't see In His Kiss very well, but that's as opaque as I could make it! It has very little coverage.

In His Kiss

Here's In His Kiss on the lips. I think that this photo actually makes it look nicer than it is. It's quite a pretty colour but I'm not sure that I like shimmer in lipsticks. It tends to put all faults on show!
I think I put at least three layers on for this photo so it takes a while to build up but it feels like it would last a while on the lips.

Baby Love

Baby Love is terribly unflattering on me. The bullet feels softer than In His Kiss and it's far more opaque but it looks streaky on the lip and doesn't stay in one place. I tend to find that with matte lipsticks it's fairly important that they give equal coverage or you look a little ill, so I don't think that I'll be wearing this.

In all I'm fairly disappointed with my purchases. I may have just chosen the wrong shades for me when it comes to the lipstick so I will have another go with different colours if I see them in store. But I think that I won't buy before trying when it comes to Dainty Doll again!


  1. You my girl definitely have perfect lips! You should be a lip model.. if there is such a thing... :D


    1. Haha! I'm not sure there is. As amazing as that job would be! Maybe all those photoshopped lip swatches that you get for ad campaigns :P

      Thank you :D, I hadn't really given my lips much thought before as log as they let me smile, frown and talk.

      Going to go check out your blog-love the name!

      -Olivia xx