Monday, 18 June 2012

L'Oreal Rouge Caresse Review - Dating Coral and Rebel Red

I heard great things about L'Oreal's attempt at a balm/lipstick hybrid (as I'm sure everyone in the blog circuit has!). I read review after review online trying to work out which colours to purchase for myself; and finally decided on the popular Dating Coral and Rebel Red. Neither of which seemed easy to get my hands on as they have been constantly selling out on the Boots website.
Even going in to my local store didn't help me. The whole display was empty of these lipsticks in any colour whatsoever!
And so I waited; checking the Boots website every day or so until about two weeks ago I finally managed to add both colours to my bag online and check out; trying not to get too excited as I did so.
Does anyone else get unnaturally happy when they have new beauty products on the way? I always get so hyped up about it; waiting for the post excitedly every day and wanting to throw all of my new make up on my face at once as soon as I have it.
It's perfectly healthy, I'm sure.

The first package that I unwrapped was my lipstick in Rebel Red. The casing is transparent plastic with and inner gold tube that holds the bullet. It has the words "L'Oreal Paris" writton on the side in gold and the top of the casing is shiny and red (when I first saw this I thought it corresponded to the colour of the lipstick but my lipstick in Dating Coral has the same colour).

Left to right: Dating Coral, Rebel Red

The packaging is fairly nice for a drugstore product. It looks quite fancy really. The tubes are a lot harder to open than any of my other lipsticks -I have to give it a fairly hard tug to get the lid off- but I guess that just means that I don't have to worry about loose lipstick lids rolling around in my hand bag!

Left to right:  Dating Coral, Rebel Red

Upon first inspection Dating Coral looking a lot less vibrant than I expected. It made me think of a dusky rose colour when I saw it with a hint of coral. A little disappointing after how bright some of the Revlon lip butters are (I'll review those later). In comparison, Rebel Red is a very bright, almost primary red that I wanted to apply as soon as I saw it.
Both colours have a slight hint of shimmer to them but I don't think that this shows on the lips, and Dating Coral has a far creamier consistancy to Rebel Red (I think it is also a little more opaque due to this).

 Dating Coral, Rebel Red

In this photo they both look pretty bright but I think that Dating Coral is a lot less orange in real life than it is in this photo. Rebel Red comes out as a very pretty and sheer blue-based red.

Dating Coral, Rebel Red

Here on the lips Dating Coral is a very pretty, wearable shade. Not the statement lip that I thought it would be, but suitable for looks where you want to play up your eyes. I like the consistancy. It's quite creamy and doesn't show many of the flaws in my lips.
Rebel Red doesn't apply to the lips as evenly but it is a beautiful colour. A very wearable red that is suitable for those that want some colour on their lips but aren't ready for opaque lipsticks. I've worn this colour quite a lot since buying it but it needs to be reapplied quite often.
Rebel Red leaves a stain once it has faded which looks quite nice and you possibly don't need a mirror to apply it unless you have super pale skin like me where every flaw looks terrible. I think because of this I'll be leaving this lipstick for short trips rather than day-long shopping sprees but I think it will definitely be a new addition to my handbag.
The jury isn't out on Dating Coral yet. I think that I need to wear it some more to decide whether I'll be using it much or not.
Both colours feel quite moisturising on the lips. Obviously not as good as a lip balm but not drying like some lipsticks can be.

What do you think of L'oreal's Rouge Caresse lipsticks? What colours have you tried and are they something that you wear often or do you find them a little high maintenance with their short wear time?


  1. This was a really informative review! Thank you so much! I might just try to get hold of the Dating Coral myself (although I hope I don't have to go through hell and high water like you have for it!!).

    helen from


  2. It is really pretty, definitely growing on me now I'm over the fact that it's not as coral as I expected!
    I think they're restocking far more regularly now that they realise how popular they are- thank goodness!
    I'm so glad you enjoyed the review :) thank you for reading!

    -Olivia xx